Must-Try Mocktail (& Cocktail) Recipes

Must-Try Mocktail (& Cocktail) Recipes

Delicious, handcrafted drinks that add a little relaxation to your life aren’t only found at the bar. Not everyone drinks alcohol for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and serve up some bubbly mixed drinks that taste as good as they make you feel. 

Depending on the ingredients, mocktails can also provide some health benefits and support your body’s need for hydration. Check out these thirst-quenching non-alcoholic mocktail recipes featuring L8 sparkling juices for a moment of bliss that can be enjoyed day or night! And feel free to add alcohol to these recipes if that’s how you roll — live your life, we don’t judge.

Blood Orange Spritzer (Serves 2 - 4)

Pairing citrus fruit with the tropical flavor of coconut and decadence of vanilla is refreshing and pleasing to the palate. This mocktail provides a healthy dose of vitamin C and natural sweetness from the blood orange and agave, plus an anti-inflammatory and cognitive boost from fresh rosemary and broad-spectrum hemp extract.


  • Coconut Vanilla L8
  • 8 oz of Blood Orange juice, fresh squeezed
  • ½ tsp of Vanilla Extract
  • 2 tbsp of Agave Nectar
  • 4 sprigs of rosemary, muddled & extra for garnish
  • *for a Cocktail, add 3oz of Prosecco


  1. Juice your blood oranges into a Mason jar or drink shaker, add the agave nectar and vanilla.
  2. Using a mortar and pestle, muddle sprigs of rosemary, add to the jar or shaker and shake well. 
  3. Pour this mixture evenly into 2 ice-filled glasses. Fill the rest of the glass with L8 Coconut Vanilla.
  4. Enjoy with an extra sprig of rosemary for garnish

    *If preparing a cocktail, leave room at the top of the glass for the Prosecco

    Blueberry Mint Mojito (Serves 2-4)

    Antioxidants from blueberries and the refreshing taste of mint come together beautifully with Blueberry Mint L8 for this sweet mojito, with just the right hint of lime! Don’t just boost your immune system, refresh your taste buds too. 


    • Blueberry Mint L8
    • 8oz of blueberries, muddled
    • 3oz of fresh mint leaves
    • ¼ cup of sugar
    • ¼ cup of water
    • 1 lime
    • *For a cocktail, add 4oz of rum


    1. Combine sugar, water, half of the fresh mint leaves and the juice of 1 lime in a pot over medium-low heat.
    2. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, then let it heat on low for about 5 minutes.
    3. In a Mason jar or drink shaker, muddle your blueberries and the rest of your fresh mint. Add this mixture evenly to ice filled glasses, fill the rest of the glass with Blueberry Mint L8, and pour 2 tbs of simple syrup to each glass.
    4. Stir gently and enjoy!

    *If preparing a cocktail, leave room during step 2 to add the rum

    Ginger Peach Mule (Serves 2)

    Fruity and tangy, this fresh spin on the classic Moscow Mule provides a refreshing kick and a bit of sweetness from fresh ginger and peaches. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and ability to fight off infection. With only 2 grams of sugar in a full can of L8 sparkling juice and the natural sweetness of the fresh peaches, this mocktail hits that sweet and spicy balance perfectly. 


    • Ginger Peach L8
    • 1 ear of ginger sliced
    • 2oz of ginger juice
    • 2 peaches, sliced
    • 1 cup of water
    • 1 lime
    • *For a cocktail, add 4 oz of vodka


    1. In a small pot add 1 cup of water, the peach and ginger slices, and bring to a boil. Heat until most of the water is evaporated.
    2. In an ice filled mule mug, spoon in your peach & ginger mixture, pour 1oz of ginger juice on top, and fill the rest of the mug with Ginger Peach L8, stirring well. 
    3. Finish with a lime wedge on top. Enjoy!

     *If preparing a cocktail, leave room during step 2 to add the vodka

    Strawberry Lemonade Margarita (Spicy)

    Who doesn’t love sweet and sour strawberry lemonade? Adding a jalapeño and a bit of agave nectar takes this drink to another level. Clear your sinuses and boost your immune system with this spicy drink!


    • Strawberry Lemonade L8
    • 1 cup of Strawberries, muddled
    • 1 lemon
    • 1 jalapeño, sliced
    • 1/8 cup of agave nectar


    1. In a Mason jar or drink shaker, add the muddled strawberries, squeeze in half of your lemon, and pour in the agave. 
    2. Slice your jalapeño (carefully), adding it to the jar. Pour in Strawberry Lemonade L8 and shake until well combined.
    3. Rub the lemon around the rim of the glass and press the glass upside down in salt or sugar. Pour over ice, garnish with a slice of lemon, and enjoy!

    These mocktail recipes are sure to brighten your day and relax your mind while sipping with friends and family. The fresh fruit and herbs matched with the adaptogenic benefits of L8’s broad-spectrum hemp infused sparkling beverages give you the flavor and reminder to Relax … it’s a feeling.  Next time you’re enjoying an L8 mocktail, make sure to tag us on Instagram and show us how you Lust After Life. 



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