4 Ways to Have a Staycation at Home

4 Ways to Have a Staycation at Home


We all deserve (and need!) a break from the hustle of life sometimes. Making time for focused relaxation, deep and regular sleep, and eating delicious and nourishing foods can be the ultimate self-care experience. One reason we crave vacations are that they are a super fun way to escape the day-to-day, make new memories and experiences, and just check out from life’s stressors! The best part is that you can enjoy these same benefits by being deliberate about putting self-care first and planning for a staycation right at home. 

1. Soak and Unwind

When is the last time you took a hot bath and soaked the stress away? Often times, our bathroom routines are just that – tasks that have become part of our daily routines (and not in a good way). Create a new weekly routine that gives back to you. Pick an evening and melt away your stress with aromatic bath salts, your favorite facemask, a glass of wine or sparkling mocktail. A little bit of R&R each week will make you long for the beaches a lot less, and appreciate that at-home self-care that much more.  

2. Travel With Your Taste Buds

Dreaming of your last trip to Greece with the girls? Bring a bit of that home by ordering in or making a family-style Greek meal. Find new recipes, or recreate travel favorites! Put on some Greek music, get the hot tub heated, and make new memories laughing about old ones from your hotel at home.  

3. Get in Airplane Mode

Being on staycation means you don’t have any responsibilities looming over your shoulder! Doing this at home can be hard, so allocating time on a weekend or specific day to completely disconnect is key. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues that you’re going on Airplane mode – AKA not reachable until a certain time or day. During this time, just rest. Rest can mean sitting at home binging on Netflix, going on a walk, upgrading your succulent garden, whatever, but it’s important to do it by yourself to remove any mental, emotional, or physical energy output that is not spent on yourself. Self-care is a vacation, so pick your dates and get on Airplane mode. 

4. Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Getting in some sun is what most vacations (not all, we love going skiing in Aspen too) are all about, but you can give yourself a but of that by getting in some vitamin D in your neighborhood. Being in work mode at home or at the office rarely gives us the time to be outside to soak up that vitamin D from the sun. Visit a new hiking trail, go for a bike ride around your city (carefully if you’re in LA), sunbathe by the pool, play some tennis, or go for a walk! Get moving and get under the sun!

Cultivate a mindset of giving to yourself first.  Being busy is only one part of life and whether you’re at home, working or jet setting around the globe, balancing busy times with relaxation is key to overall health.  It’s important to find ways that remind you to unplug and relax … it’s a feeling!



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